Therapeutic options

Summary of the different kinds of sleep diseases and their therapeutic options.


The consideration of individual causes must always be the focal point of a successful therapy. Sometimes it already helps to change your sleeping habits. In other cases a light therapy alleviates the symptoms. more


Currently, narcolepsy can be both diagnosed and treated very well. The disease cannot be cured completely, however now different medicinal and behavioural therapy concepts are available that enable a largely unalloyed life. more

Restless Legs Syndrom and PLMD

„Household remedies“ can already lead to an improvement of the symptoms in easier cases. For example baths, massages, sport, but also the avoidance of caffeinated beverages can have a positive effect on the clinical picture. more

Sleep apnea

Sleep is the natural regeneration phase for a human. Obstructive sleep apnea does not keep the airways of the throat open often enough: breathing is done too little. Thus, a sleeping human does not get enough oxygen and the natural resting phase is destroyed.

The brain responds to this oxygen deficiency with a stress reaction. Only a treatment that can normalise the function of the airway muscles during sleep can avoid or reduce these effects. This can only be achieved by the CPAP Therapy: it leads to an extension of life expectancy for sleep apnea. more

Daytime sleepiness

For clarification of the causes of exaggerated daytime sleepiness and assessment of the seriousness of daytimes sleepiness these examination methods are generally used after detailed preliminary talks in the sleep clinic. more