Examination and analysis

As a first step an objective analysis of real sleep disorders should follow – detached from subjective perceptions.

Erstellung eines Schlaftagebuches

The so called „sleep diary“ still counts as one of the most important instrument of the cause analysis. Thereby, you will be requested to briefly record your sleep-wake-behaviour over a period of one to two weeks in the morning and in the evening as well as special events on the basis of printed forms. Sleep diaries are not only helpful for the research of cause, but also offer important information about the success of the respectively initiated therapy.

Infofolder: Schlaflosigkeit

Infofolder: Schlaflosigkeit
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The individual sleep/wake rhythm will be measured ambulant over a period of approx. one week. In this way it can be reviewed if you for example suffer from a day rhythm disorder (disorder of the internal timer).


In some cases the examination can be necessary in a sleep clinic, since interfering factors  within sleep can lead to insomnia.


If external causes for the disorder are excluded the treatment must be attuned to the personal findings. The consideration of individual causes must always be the focal point of a successful therapy. Sometimes it already helps to change your sleeping habits. In other cases a light therapy alleviates the symptoms.

The use of sleeping pills should only be reserved for acute insomnia. And only over a relatively short period of time. Studies for constant insomnia prove that the non-medicinal therapy provides similar results as the medicinal treatment. A part of the initiating and maintaining sleep disorders that must not be underestimated is based on personal problems. We are therefore working closely together with experienced psychotherapists.

Here a great number of procedures come into question:

  • behavioral therapy
  • stimulus control
  • relaxation techniques
  • sleep restriction
  • sleep hygiene

To name but a few. The best results are usually achieved by the individual combination of several applications.