Sleep apnea

One of the pioneers of modern sleep medicine, William C. Dement, writes that he does not know „one single other serious phenomenon that is so widespread, life-threatening, treatable and yet so unrecognized“ as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in his book „Der Schlaf und unsere Gesundheit“. Compared with the similarly widespread diabetes, to him the situation appeared as if the researchers discovered diabetes and developed effective insulin, yet nobody knew that diabetes even existed.
With other words: Thanks to the considerable progress of sleep medicine sleep apnea patients can now receive very good help. The fatal consequences, for example stroke and heart attack, can be prevented. It is important, however, that objective sleep apnea syndrome be recognised at all and the respective triggers be analysed individually. Since the causes can be of manifold nature.


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Snoring is similar. Here too there are relatively helpful therapeutic approaches by now. Nevertheless, initially the focus should be to find the root of the cause as well.

Beware of dubious offers

The industry has long since recognised that means of fighting snoring and/or sleep apnea offer a promising market. Unfortunately dubious offers are often found under praised means and methods whose effectiveness can in no way be scientifically proven.
Should you snore or suspect to be suffering from sleep apnea please first refer to a doctor well-versed in sleep medicine in any case. He will inform you about scientifically recognised methods and show you which therapy concepts you should better avoid.

Following we would like to introduce you to the most important scientifically-based therapy methods for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.

Non-operational therapy (CPAP & Co)

The treatment with a so called CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)- device counts to the most prescribed therapy methods for obstructive sleep apnea syndrom. CPAP devices have been used with great success since 1981. more

Operational therapy

The operational treatment for snoring and apnea has a long tradition. Until today there have been votes with a critical stance toward this treatment method equally as long. more

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