Our Sleep Clinic


The heart of our sleep laboratories is the Christian Guilleminault Schlaflabor in Dortmund, which was founded in 1995. It is one of the largest private clinics for sleep medicine and research, with its eight Somnografie-Plätzen. The Dortmund Sleep Clinic has been directly located at the Phoenix Lake, the new local recreation area in Dortmund, since 2013.


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Somnolab Childrens Sleep Laboratory

As one of the first institutions for sleep medicine we – also in the year 2005 – opened a sleep laboratory especially for children in Dortmund.

Children are not little adults. This particularly applies to their sleep. They don‘t have a fully grown internal clock and therefore also don‘t have fixed day-sleep rhythm before the age of 6 months. Their breathing during sleep is different from adults. Therefore other rules apply for sleep examinations of children. And unlike for adults snoring is always questionable for children and must be examined in detail immediately. We take account of all of these principles in our sleep laboratory.