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Our knowledge data base on the subject of sleep

What is sleep? Why do we dream anyways? How does it come to sleep disorders how sleep apnea?
Here you will find the answer.

Sleep – what is it?

Why do we sleep? About one third of our lives is spent with sleep. What a waste, it seems. But ... more

Tips for a healthy sleep

  • 01 Use your bed for sleeping and sleep-related physical activity only. Refrain from using it for watching TV, eating or similar activities. Reading in bed is ok.

  • 02 Always try to get up in the morning at the same time. Do not try to sleep in, if you have trouble falling asleep or maintaining sleep.

  • 03 Sleep habits are individual. Try going to bed at the time you feel most comfortable with.

  • 04 Do not take naps if you have trouble falling asleep or maintaining sleep!

  • 05 Regular physical activity in the morning or early afternoon is benificial. Do not engage in sports-like physical activity in the evening hours.

  • More Tips Wir haben für Sie noch weitere Tipps zum gesunden Schlaf zusammengestellt.

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Sleep disorders

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Sleep and motorvehicle alertness

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Somnolab Sleep Clinic

We will help you have a healthy sleep again ... more

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A leading specialist clinic.

Your specialist team for sleep disorders ... mehr

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Tips for a healthy sleep.

Our knowledge data base on the subject of sleep ... mehr


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